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Large Mooring Array Science Afternoon - 29/01/2016

The final afternoon of the week long workshop was used to host a science discussion around large mooring arrays and their significant contributions to the understanding of South African oceanography. An open invitation was sent to the marine science and oil and gas community, to link with the South Africa Marine Research and Exploration Forum (SAMREF) launch earlier that morning, for an afternoon of science. On the 29th of January the DST, SAEON and DEA hosted up to 50 delegates from the marine science community for a tour of the mooring fabrication and instrument warehouse and short science presentations by leading scientists. During the tours the delegates were introduced to the basic mooring design and instrumentation, wave gliders, buoyancy gliders and a Current & Pressure Inverted Eco Sounder (CPIES). Below are presentations given by some of the guest speakers:

 Title   Type 
The Shelf Agulhas Glider Experiment (SAGE) by Dr Marjolaine Krug File
Life on the RV Algoa by Xolisa Dlomo File
SAMOC-SA monitoring the Agulhas Leakage: SAMBA by Professor Isabelle Ansorge File
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